What I Collect


Seattle Mariners team sets: Topps and Heritage team sets. Oddballs/food-issues from ’77-current. In my attempt to have one card of every player to put on a Mariners uniform, I am seeking out various cards of players who were never included in the Topps, Heritage or regional sets. This list includes some of the major card releases and even some minor league card sets.

Seattle Seahawks Topps teams sets (1976-2015), Donruss team sets (2016-). Police and oddball/food-issue sets. Like the Mariners roster project, I’m attempting to collect one card of every player to wear the blue and green, so from time to time I’ll seek out other manufacturers’ cards.

Portland Trail Blazers: Topps and Franz team sets; other oddball/food-issue team sets. Post-Topps: various singles to go towards my Rip City Project (1 card of every Blazer).