Triple Digits

I used to love summer. Now, I hate it.

Growing up, summer meant a break from the daily routine of school. It meant finishing the baseball season and then spending the month of July traveling to All-Star tournaments. Early August meant family vacations up and down the west coast to see family and to visit the Kingdome, Candlestick, Angels Stadium, Dodger Stadium and Jack Murphy Stadium. I was young and carefree; what’s there not to like about that?

Things changed quickly as an adult. The summer breaks stopped. Instead of playing baseball I began coaching it when my sons played (kids were great; some of the adults, not so much). Those annual trips to major league ballparks stopped too. And of course, the older I get, the body has a more difficult time acclimating to higher temps and being directly out in the sun. It doesn’t help when you spend a number of years working in hot conditions during your company’s busiest time of the year. So, yeah, I no longer enjoy summer the way I used to.

This dislike of this time of year has grown exponentially this year, as we have already endured record-breaking temperatures in southwest Idaho for about two weeks, with no end in sight. Day after day of temperatures in triple-digits can wear on you, fast. As I type this, we’ve just had our 8th straight day of 100+ degree temps, one short of the record for Boise. And when overnight lows ‘only’ dip in to the high-70s or low-80s… yeah, it sucks.

There are some numbers in the 100s that don’t suck- namely, those that appear on Topps cardboard.









I’ll completely avoid any cards above #109 because God help us if it gets over 109 degrees.

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