A Gift (& it Wasn’t Even My Birthday!)

My wife just turned 50 and to show my love and appreciate for her, I decided to throw a surprise birthday party. So I sent out texts, made phone calls and even did a few in-person invites to family and friends, and then, because I did it only a week prior to her birthday, scrambled to get everything together. And despite 100 degree weather only 4 days earlier, we enjoyed a beautiful day for the outside gathering.

As is customary in our part of the world, gifts were brought for the birthday girl- each, something that she enjoys. Plants, Pioneer Woman kitchenware, and of course, money. But she wasn’t the only one who reaped from this get together. I, too, was surprised with a handful of cards from a friend whose family attended the festivities. And one of the cards stood out above all the others.

Topps’ 2008 set featured the 75-card Trading Card History insert set that included cards done in pre-War, classic and modern designs. The first 25 cards were issued in packs of Series 1, the final 25 cards could be found in packs of Series 2, and the other 25 cards (#26-50) were distributed exclusively at hobby shops which participated in the HTA (Home Team Advantage) program.

With so many inserts in modern Topps sets, I’ve found that most of my purchases these days are of current chase cards that are needed to fill out the master team set. That leaves little room for older inserts that are missing in my collection. And so whenever I can be gifted (or trade for) one, you can bet that I’ll gladly accept. Thanks again, Rick, for not only the cards- but for sharing this special day with our family.

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