1991 7-Eleven Coins: Northwest Region

Scan 161

At one time, our humble little town of (what was at the time) 17,000 residents had three different 7-Eleven convenient stores. Two store closures and the buyout from a locally-owned corporation has left us with zero. What was the last 7-Eleven in Caldwell is now a Jacksons. Hell, they also own what were the Circle K’s, Chevron, Shell stations, etc.

And while a local ownership may have a greater impact on our local economy, there’s a bit of sadness in the realization that a Big Gulp or a Slurpee isn’t just a couple of miles away. Call me nostalgic. It was at one of the three 7-Eleven stores where I discovered a new brand of baseball card (Donruss) that Saturday afternoon in the spring of 1981. And, as weird as it sounds, it was a great place to get a slurpee on a Sunday morning after tying one on the night before. The sweet, cold drink seemed to help a hangover. Don’t miss hangovers- but like I said, I’m nostalgic.

Anyway, on to the coins…

The 1991 7-Eleven Coins were produced by Score and were available in the company’s Slurpee drinks. Like 4 of the 5 previous Slurpee offerings (the inaugural release in 1983 being the exception), the ’91 set was released regionally. This year’s set stretched out over 8 different regions (Atlantic, Florida, Metro Northeast, Midwest, Northern California, Northwest, Southern California, Texas), each having a distinctly colored border and consisted of 15 discs. In total, there were 81 different major league players spread out over the 120 coins.

1991 7-Eleven Coins Seattle Mariners

3 Alvin Davis

4 Ken Griffey Jr./Ken Griffey Sr.

5 Ken Griffey Jr.

6 Erik Hanson

9 Randy Johnson

11 Edgar Martinez

12 Tino Martinez

13 Harold Reynolds

15 Mike Schooler


I won a lot of 16 coins on eBay for $1 plus shipping (a couple bucks). All were from the red-bordered Northwest Region set and included eight of the nine Mariners players featured in the set. The one missing coin- Erik Hanson- is on its way, thanks to a Twitter trade for the Ryne Sandberg that was included in my eBay purchase.


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