I was a little perplexed with the Mariners acquisition of Ryon Healy from the A’s during the 2017 offseason. His low OBP and high strikeout numbers didn’t square with the team’s mantra of ‘controlling the zone’- and his defense (at first base anyway) was considered suspect at best. Plus, let’s face it: the team had Daniel Vogelbach waiting in the wings to take over first. And Seattle had given up a pretty good arm in Mike Montgomery to acquire the power hitting/high OBP first baseman (not to mention suspect defense) from the Cubs. Healy- in my opinion- was unnecessary.

Speaking of unnecessary things… 2018 Topps Holiday edition is the third edition of what appears to be an annual release. As reluctant as I was to buy any of the cards from this set, I felt compelled to trade for the Ryon Healy. And so I did.

Why trade for such an unnecessary card? Well, it wasn’t because of Healy; instead, this is the one card I can think of where the snowflakes don’t seem out of place. The hitter with his long sleeves; the distorted figure in the background sporting a team jacket; the fan on the right side- just above the dugout- who appears to be wearing a beanie. It all works well with the wet, white flakes. And just as ridiculous as the team signing Healy is the fact that the whole cold-weathered setting is juxtaposed with a water slide.


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