1991 Country Hearth Bread Seattle Mariners


Produced and sponsored by Country Hearth Bread and Langendorf Baking Company, the Country Hearth Bread Mariners team set is a gem from the junk era that suffers in some areas (many dark photos, due to poor indoor lighting; very thin card stock) and a strong checklist to go along with some solid photography on many of the other cards.

Cards in Set: 30 (29 numbered and 1 unnumbered header card), with a reported 20,000 sets produced.


  • Individually inserted into loaves of Country Hearth Bread
  • Stadium Give Away- August 17, 1991

Cards inserted into the loaves of bread had no protection, making them difficult to find in mint condition due to spots caused by moisture .

Cards given away at the Kingdome came 10 to a pack, making set completion difficult.



  1. Jim Lefebvre
  2. Jeff Schaefer
  3. Harold Reynolds
  4. Greg Briley
  5. Scott Bradley
  6. David Valle
  7. Edgar Martinez
  8. Pete O’Brien
  9. Omar Vizquel
  10. Tino Martinez
  11. Scott Bankhead
  12. Bill Swift
  13. Jay Buhner
  14. Alvin Davis
  15. Ken Griffey Jr.
  16. Tracy Jones
  17. Brent Knackert
  18. Henry Cotto
  19. Ken Griffey Sr.
  20. Keith Comstock
  21. Brian Holman
  22. Russ Swan
  23. Mike Jackson
  24. Erik Hanson
  25. Mike Schooler
  26. Randy Johnson
  27. Rich DeLucia
  28. Ken Griffey Jr. /Ken Griffey Sr.
  29. Mariner Moose
  30. NNO- Team Header


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