What If’s?… Wimpy

82T Tom Paciorek

I found the above Tom Paciorek photo online and immediately thought it would make a great custom or re-imagined card.

Wimpy was no longer with the team in 1982- he had been traded to the Southside on December 11, 1981, in a trade that had brought Rod Allen, Todd Cruz and Jim Essian to the Mariners. Knowing how Topps doesn’t always exclude players from being pictured with their former teams (it’s not just a recent phenomenon), my initial thought was to create a “Card that Never Was”, picturing Tom on an ’82 Topps as a member of the Mariners. Then it occurred to me that he was, in fact, featured as an M on card #678. So, now we will just call this a re-imagined card. Tridents and Trading Cards (TNT) Archives.

I do like this bright, colorful “What If’s” card- quite the contrast with the subdued, prescient 1982 card that featured the future color commentator in front of a mic.


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